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Logicarella is a fanmade visual novel to commemorate Logicalism's 10th anniversary. It's a parody of the story "Cinderella". So, like, if you combine the word "Logicalism" and "Cinderella", it's.. It's like, Logicarella.

site -> http://thehafactory.wix.com/logicarella


Logicalism (ロジカリズム) is a site created and maintained by Hinata Haruhana. The site mainly consist of songs, stories, and games, and was first published on March 3rd 2006. It's mostly well known from the songs "Nazotoki", and "Nazokake"; which later received a novel adaptation.

site -> haruhana.pya.jp


When you start the game the first time and see a black screen, do NOT click on the icon on the bottom right.

No specific download/install instructions. It just loads for a really long time. When you see a black screen it's actually loading..! The developer's internet connection is really slow so they can't really tell how "slow" the loading actually is for most people with super fast internet. Hence the long description! I'm typing this as I'm waiting for the screen to load.

Kinda sad.

If it's finally finished loading, use the enter button or just click through the dialogues.

But seriously though, I recommend actually downloading it -> http://thehafactory.wix.com/logicarella#!download/c1cb2

PublisherH. A. Factory
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
Tagscinderella, hinata-haruhana, logicalism, otp, Parody, Relaxing, weird
Average sessionA few minutes

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